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    I highly recommend this site. It has excellent grammar explanations, video lessons, vocabulary exercises, as well as, activities to practice and improve your listening, writing, and reading skills. There's a cool study break section where you can play games, learn jokes, or learn about UK culture. By the way, if you're thinking about taking the IELTS exam, there is a section with some tips for the oral interview.

    Here you'll find great practice activities such as quizzes, tests, practice exercises, and puzzles.  

    Here you have a great resource from Cambridge English that will help you practice your writing. What's unique about this website is that you receive instant feedback on your work. 

    This is probably one of my favorite websites. Voice of America has articles with audio, videos, and lessons for pronunciation, grammar, pronunciation, etc. You can start with the Let's Learn English series and practice specific vocabulary for everyday situations, or improve your reading and listening by choosing a level (1 for beginners, 2 for intermediate, and 3 for more advanced students). Another great thing is that the VOA has authentic resources in the People In America section where you can learn about some interesting people and American culture.  

    Practice english while listening to your favorite songs. Lyrics Training is a great way to improve your listening, writing, and vocabulary. You can choose your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert) to make the exercises fit your needs.

    A great way to practice your English is by reading. So, why not read the news? This website is similar to NewsInLevels, however, there are more levels (0 for beginner and 6 for advanced) and  each article has sections with exercises to practice listening, reading, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. There are no videos, but there is a cool dictation activity which helps you practice your listening and writing.

    This is an excellent website for intermediate and advanced learners. You can find all kinds of audiobooks, novellas, and short stories. The best part is you can listen and read at the same time. In addition, you can adjust the listening speed. This is a great way to expand your vocabulary and your listening/reading comprehension. Don't forget to use a dictionary to look up the words you don't know. Look in the tools section to find some good online dictionaries. 

    Take free courses about specific topics and grammar. Read news stories with features to help you understand more in the LingoHack section.  Check out the 6 minute english section to listen and read about interesting current topics while learning vocabulary. A great feature of this section is that you can download, podcasts, audios, and PDFs to practice on the go. 

    Another great, free website from British Council, but directed more towards teens and adolescents. This is a fun website with skill practice, vocabulary and grammar exercises, games, exam practice with tips, a section about UK culture, as well as, an online magazine. In my opinion, the vocabulary exercises and games are a fun and unique  way to learn or review key words.

    There are many listening quizzes for practicing your listening comprehension in a variety of topic areas. In addition, there are vocabulary lessons that you can use as a warm-up to the listening activities.  

    Stay up-to-date with the latest news and practice your English! This website has a very clean and easy to use platform. In addition, it presents news stories in levels, so you can change the difficulty of the article. Another great thing is that each article has a video.

    Check out some virtual english lessons on the topics you're studying, do exercises, and practice your skills.

    This site has extensive vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, and word lists that can help you prepare for a number of tests. Also, there is a section for practicing the difference between American English and British English, something that can be very useful if you're going to take the Aptis. Another great resource is the section where you can become aware of and practice common errors. 

    Here is a unique practice tool. It's a dictation website, a creative way to practice and receive feedback on your pronunciation. When you click on the microphone and begin speaking, your words will appear and if they don't match what you said then there's probably something you need to correct. This is a good way to check your pronunciation on specific words or short answers to questions. 

    Here you'll find grammar explanations, vocabulary lists, practice quizzes, games for practicing, and advice for learning English.

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